Urban Retrofitting Special Issue: BR & I Launch at BRE INSITE on 2 October

Mon, 2013-09-23

To celebrate the publication of Building Research and Information journal’s special issue on Urban Retrofitting, there will be a launch event between 12.30pm and 1.30pm on Wednesday 2 October at the BRE INSITE Conference at BRE Watford. The event will be hosted by Richard Lorch (Editor in Chief of Building Research and Information), Professor Tim Dixon (University of Reading), and Professor Malcolm Eames (University of Cardiff). There will be a discussion on the special issue and the chance to hear more about the related EPSRC Retrofit 2050 programme of research.

Free refreshments and food will be available.

To attend the event, go to: www.insite13.com/booking and register for the exhibition.

The special issue on Urban Retrofitting, which is  now live at  the Building Research and Information website, can be viewed at:  http://www.tandfonline.com/toc/rbri20/41/5

The special issue, which examines large scale retrofitting at city level, includes the following research and information articles:

Scaling up: the challenges of urban retrofit

T Dixon and M Eames

City futures: exploring urban retrofit and sustainable transitions

M Eames, T Dixon, T May and M Hunt

Retrofitting England's suburbs to adapt to climate change

K Williams, R Gupta, D Hopkins, M Gregg, C Payne, J L R Joynt, I Smith, N Bates-Brkljac

Retrofitting existing housing: how far, how much?

P Jones, S Lannon, J Patterson

Towards systematic domestic retrofit: a social practices approach

A Karvonen

Regenerating cities: technological and design innovation for Australian suburbs

P W Newton

Water-energy nexus: retrofitting urban areas to achieve zero pollution

V Novotny