Upgrade tasks

  1. Check upgrade status
  2. Update modules
  3. Enable maintenance mode
  4. Verify maintenance theme
  5. Verify access to update.php
  6. Disable non-core modules
  7. Verify default theme
  8. Backup current site
  9. Replace Drupal core
  10. Run update.php for core
  11. Download new project versions
  12. Backup current site
  13. Run update.php for modules
  14. Re-enable modules
  15. Check status report



This section of the website seeks to collate outputs from the Retrofit 2050 project. They can be found here by type:

  • Outputs from our February and March conferences, including presentations and project reports and briefing papers
  • Publications from academic or trade journals
  • Project working papers
  • Presentations from team members over the course of the project


These outputs can also be navigated by work package through the project areas section.