Launch of STEEV - a tool for modelling energy efficiency

Fri, 2011-11-25

JISC (Joint Information Systems Committee) has organised a launch of several new BETA products and tools centred around geospatial technology and aimed at Universities, Colleges and Schools. Come along and experiment with these soon-to-be-released products at a special one day event on Monday November 28th at Ravensborough College (next door to the Milennium Dome) in London.

Amongst these products is the STEEV demonstrator, a client web application that enables researchers and stakeholders to look at how the the application of energy efficiency measures may impact upon likely regional outcomes. This takes the form of an exploration of the effects of timing and spatial distribution of measures and a visualisation tool for building-level energy efficiency modelling outputs, such as the energy rating of the building, the likely energy demand of the building and the related CO2 emissions.

Developed to complement the Retrofit 2050 project, the focus of the STEEV demonstrator is  Neath/Port Talbot, South Wales. A series of modelled scenario permutations have been ‘pre-built’ providing a number of parameters to be interactively altered in order to explore the spatio-temporal consequences of various policy measures.

For more information about the event, please visit or find out more about STEEV at